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Packaging Guidelines

A little common-sense goes a long way!

In order to ensure the safe arrival of your buyback, we've come up with a few common-sense packaging recommendations. These are primarily based on the methods our past customers have successfully used to pack their books.

Don't use a box that's too big.

There's no reason to send a single book in a giant box with a lot of packaging material. In fact, larger boxes are more often damaged than smaller ones. A box that's 2 feet by 3 feet doesn't work well when you're only sending in a paperback novel.

Don't use newspaper as packing material.

Instead, use bubble wrap or styrofoam. Places such as Staples or your local Post Office have good packing material available.

Properly seal your package.

Make sure you use packing tape, not masking, scotch, or electrical tape.

If you have a lot of books, use a sturdy box.

If you're sending in more than 3 books, make sure to use a heavy duty box. Books are heavy, and shifting can occur during transit.

Double check your shipment if you're sending in multiple books.

It sounds simple, but make sure you're actually sending in all the books listed on your buyback order. We can't pay you for books we don't receive.


Each Collect+ label is unique to a package and can only be used for one package weighing a maximum of 10kg - Maximum Dimension sizes are 50cm Wide x 30cm High x 30cm Wide - per label.

Collect+ box

If your buyback exceeds 10kg please print individual shipping labels. Please do NOT re-use the same Collect+ label.

For example if your buyback weighs 20kg please print 2 shipping labels by following the instructions below and spliting your buyback into two packages with one unique label per box.

Visit your Fatbrain Account by clicking your name in the top right corner.

Click “Recent buybacks” highlighted in green.

Now click on the BuyBack number you wish to add a second shipping label to.

Then you will need to click “Add a shipping label”

Confirm the shipping label by clicking “Yes”

You will now see that 2 shipping labels have been added to your BuyBack, please print each unique label once and attach to your 2 BuyBack packages... repeat this process for each additional package needed.

Print off and attach your delivery label(s).

Locate your nearest Collect+ drop off location by visiting the following link and entering your postcode.

Please take your package to your local Collect+ drop off location at a time that is convenient for you. The cashier will then scan the barcode on your shipping label. For your protection, please keep the receipt when dropping off your package at a Collect+ drop off location.

Once your package has arrived at our address we will send you an email of confirmation that your books have been received and inform you when payment will be made.